Design and Production Services for Ebooks and Print Books

Assisting Authors and Companies with their Publishing Needs

Our passion revolves around a very good book, not only the story itself but the way it is presented in its final form, no matter the format. We know what it takes to craft the author’s completed manuscript, and we fully understand how valuable it is to match that effort on the publishing end by creating a well-designed book that stands out from the rest of the competition, whether it’s an awesome cover or a clean, properly-functioning ebook that’s ready for uploading.

After years of practicing our trade — taking final manuscripts and turning them into stellar books — we are now happy to offer our services to you, whether you are an inspiring author looking to get into the self-publishing world or an established publisher seeking an experienced hand getting their projects completed.

We offer a variety of services found within the publishing experience, from initial conception to final product:

  • Print Books – our specialty lies in design and layout, with an eye toward a pleasing aesthetic, clean text block, and overall professional look. We pay close attention to detail, balancing the needs of all printing specs while honoring the author’s final manuscript.
  • Ebook Design and Production – we can take the manuscript and all other assets and create an error-free epub file that is ready to be uploaded to your preferred distribution platform. Proficient at html and css, we are capable of fine-tuning the book down at the coding level, troubleshooting any lingering issues.
  • Cover Design and Illustrations – we love coming up with images and visuals that add that extra shine to your book. Your cover, after all, is your first and most important element to attracting a potential customer and it’s imperative you get it right. Any illustration you include in your book brings an added dimension that can never be served in your text, no matter how well it’s written. We offer digital illustrations in either full color or grayscale. Please click on the link below to view some of our covers and illustrations.

  • Marketing Materials – your manuscript is finally finished, the book has been produced and sent to the distributor, but it’s not over yet. In order to help generate sales, you need to market the book. We can help in a variety of ways, including website design and implementation, digital banner displays (such as Amazon A+), ads, social media graphics, and much more.

If you are interested in our services, please go to our contact page at the link below and we will be happy to discuss any project we may be able assist you with. Thank you.